“SEO is fundamentally a set of methodologies that make it easier for search engines to find, include, categorize and rank your Web content.”

– Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing CEO

Search engines have a simple mission; provide the most relevant and useful search results for a given query. As technology advances and times change, the practices of these engines shift in parallel. It is because of this constant progression that SEO is a perpetually evolving practice as well. In a heartbeat, popular tactics become outdated and the masses are left scratching their heads wondering how to get ahead of the curve once more.

SEO tools face the same problem; they also blink in and out of existence in a flash. Despite how quickly they come and go, there is always a vast surplus of rank-boosting companions to leverage.

As we pass the midpoint of 2016, there is no better time to check out some of the latest and greatest SEO tools available to prepare for the last months of the year, and the beginning of a brand new one.

Here are four new SEO tools to give you a booming boost in the SERPs.

1. Guest Post Tracker

The importance of link building has never been quite as emphasized as it is today. Google’s Penguin changed the game and has allowed for only high-quality links to provide any sort of benefit to site owners.

The issue, however, is that obtaining links from trustworthy, socially active sources is extremely time consuming. This is where Guest Post Tracker comes into play.

Guest Post Tracker is a new tool that helps websites obtain quality links through an up-to-date list of blogs that accept guest post submissions. The list is easily searchable too; you can arrange the lineup by category to quickly find blogs within your niche, or a closely related one, to post at.

Additionally, Guest Post Tracker’s software helps to submit guest posts, track submissions, and even teaches you how to build links using guest posts to obtain massive results.

2. AccuRanker’s Google Grump

As was noted earlier, SEO algorithms are constantly in a transitional state; nothing is permanent. AccuRanker’s Google Grump is a unique tool that helps to monitor this impermanence.

Google Grump observes and oversees abnormalities in ranking fluctuations to help determine the feasibility of, and even predict, upcoming updates to the Google algorithms. The system deciphers the changes and represents them in the form of moods for its tiger mascot. The moods are:

  • Chilled: This depicts normal activity.
  • Cautious: This characterizes an upward trend, but nothing too serious.
  • Grumpy: This is indicative of a potential update as rankings are varying more than usual.
  • Furious: There is great upheaval and rankings are all out of whack. There is likely an update underway.

Google Grump also allows its users to filter by desktop, mobile, or country to gain further insights. Users can sign up for notifications on mood variations to help stay ahead of the curve and not fall victim to updates like so many other sites undoubtedly will.

3. SEO Cloud Content

Content is one of the cornerstones of SEO. Without content, you are dead in the water. But creating great, unique content is becoming more difficult by the day in a digital space that is increasingly more clogged and congested with copy covering every topic imaginable.

To help craft content that will stand out from the crowd, SEO Cloud Content can be an invaluable partner. The tool is currently free to try because it is in early access and provides a wealth of resources to assist in generating search optimized content that readers, and Google, will dote on.

SEO Cloud Content supplies users with a list of related keywords and topics for a given title, suggests synonyms on the spot, and even doles out stats on articles such as keyword density, readability and other valuable insights. While you are writing articles, the software will even highlight keywords that you are overusing to keep your copy flowing smoothly. Plus, SEO Cloud Content requires no download, and works right inside your browser for quick and easy integration.

4. Headlinr

If you are aiming to create stellar content, you had better have an eye-grabbing headline to go along with it. On average, only 20 percent of individuals will read past a story’s headline so you’d better make sure it hooks them from those first few words. If you can’t get folks to read your content, topping the rankings is going to be a much steeper battle.

Headlinr is a headline generating tool that will help craft compelling titles that coerce people into diving deeper. You can also apply this tool for generating subject lines for e-mails, social media updates and just about anything else that needs a title. The tool generates viral headlines based on formulas and algorithms.

Based on the keyword entered, Headlinr will provide more that 30 headline formulas. If you upgrade to the pro version, it will supply more than 300 of these theorems. Additionally, the tool is equipped with more than 1,000 headline templates swiped from successful sales letters and other materials. Enhance your existing traffic by implementing this powerful title tool.

Great tools can be a game changer with SEO. No brand or site residing in the top two or three seats on Google or Bing got there without utilizing a bevy of powerful software assistants. Give your brand the competitive edge and check out these tools to help aid in your ascension of the SERPs.



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