content1Content creation has literally become the belle of the web-based ball. With content marketing all the rage, and web users consistently wooed by viral creations, companies are scrambling more than ever to produce the next big article or video.

Yet as everyone who has ever attempted to write a viral blog post or shoot a must-see video knows, the process is challenging, time-consuming, and often expensive. Because of this barrier, many continue to try to garner online success through the old methods of advertising and “if you build it, they will come” sentiments.

Here’s a hint: this doesn’t work. Get in on the content game if you want any level of digital success.

Don’t assume that the process of producing wow-worthy pieces has to be laborious. These days, it’s becoming easier and easier to turn one creative endeavor into multiple pieces of fantastic contributions that give each creation longevity and a substantial reach.

Need some ideas on how to repurpose your best content creations? Look no further; inspiration has landed!

Idea 1: Image-Rich Slide Shares

Say you’ve written a genius blog that is brimming with quality info shares. It’s a shame to assume that data is limited to just one post, right? Then why not take all that research or poetic waxing and produce a beautiful slide share?

Slideshows are increasingly popular these days, especially when accompanied by vibrant and relevant images. Remember, however, that this isn’t a PowerPoint presentation; your slideshow needs to stand alone. Don’t be verbose, stay on point, and do be a bit provocative, controversial, or engaging. Otherwise, folks won’t stay till the end and really perceive the total value.

A slideshow can be a powerful marketing tool, and there are many apps these days that make creating them a snap. When you’re done, don’t forget to share and upload it to SlideShare.

Idea #2: The Fine Art of Infographics

If there’s an art form that has truly seen it’s heyday in recent times, it has to be the mighty infographic. These snazzy creations are gracing email blasts, landing pages, and all manner of marketing materials with great aplomb and impressive metrics. People love fascinating, easy to digest content, and an infographic allows you to present your findings in a fresh and readable way.

Yes, you will likely need the services of a designer to do this properly, but that’s not a high cost, considering the potential return. Before you contract with a great artist, map out in a Word doc the information you wish to share, based in a previous blog post or slideshow. Then once you have your infographic, share it with sites like Cool Infographics or a Twitter feed like DailyInfographic. This is, of course, in addition to all the genius ways you’ve conjured up to share it with your existing audience.

Idea #3: Shoot a Viral Video

You already know that videos are wildly popular online. What you might not know is that they’re often deceptively easy to produce. All it really takes is a little creativity, time, and a very worthy blog post.

Your first step is crafting a script from your chosen article. Remember that you (or someone else you’ve selected) will be speaking the words, so the tone and delivery will likely need to change to suit the medium. This is an information share, not a full-scale production, so consider your audience carefully, and the appropriate tone will reveal itself.

Lighting is your next conundrum, but it’s not rocket science to solve. Natural light is by far your best choice; indoor lighting can be too harsh and distracting. Then all you need is a computer with a camera, and you’re good to go. Do a practice run or two to make sure you’re in the groove, then shoot your video. It should only be a minute or two to maximize viewership, so make sure you get your message across quickly. Then prepare to proudly showcase your new shiny video across all your networks.

Idea #4: Host a Webinar

If your post is transformed into a slideshow or video, a webinar is a great next step. You’ll want to promote this heavily across your channels, so plan ahead to get the most traction. Then you can take the same info you’ve shared with your audience and repackage it in a more interactive format. Allow participants to ask questions and engage with you; you’ll not only generate more awareness of your brand and expertise, but engender loyalty through the personal engagement. And anytime you allow yourself to hear the voice of your customer, insights will abound.

Idea #5: Write a White Paper

Lastly, why not beef up that blog post into a more substantial eBook or white paper? If the data was well-researched and has the ability to be valuable on a larger scale, it warrants a deeper dive. In fact, some white papers are simply the same text from an in-depth blog post, redone in PDF format with slick design. Since some readers prefer this more polished approach, you’ve just expanded your reach and credibility, through a process that should take less than a day.

What other ways have you learned to repurpose great content?


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