instagram_5_waysYou may think it’s a great idea for your business to jump on the Instagram bandwagon but aren’t really sure what to be taking pictures of or what to be sharing? It’s really dependent on what type of company and/or industry you’re in. For some people it’s easy to know what to post. If you’re an event company, or a sports team it’s pretty straight forward the things you can be posting that your followers will want to see, but these are some ideas to help get the wheels turning for your businesses Instagram profile.

Show a behind the scenes look into your company.

Showcase the things that not everyone gets to see about your company. Things that are happening in the office, cool stuff some of your staff members did, profile your current staff, showcase behind the scenes of events, conferences etc. People love feeling as if they’re getting a secret look inside your company. Plus this really puts a face behind your brand.

Showcase your products and/or services.

A picture says a 1000 words. Show off your products and your services through visuals. Do you offer business card printing? Show some sweet examples of business cards you’ve done for people. Do you sell different types of products? Snap a picture and showoff your newest products that are in store. Nothing beats visuals.

Show off your customers.

Showcase your happy customers. Did someone just purchase their first ever cell phone? Feature them on your Instagram. Did a customer come in with a cool story? Showcase them! Customers are your brands greatest advocates, and by showcasing them, you make them feel like a celebrity, plus show them & other customers that you actually care about your customers.

Run contests.

Instagram is a great place to run fun photo contests and with apps like “Repost” this allows you to easily share your entrants great photo submissions. Providing you with great content, and something fun for your customers.

Connect with your followers.

Just like any other social network, interact with your followers and/or people that are already posting about you. Search hashtags that are relevant to your business. For example, if you’re a restaurant people are probably regularly posting pics of their food they ordered, actively seek out these people and comment, like, or reshare their photos.



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