Infographics are the latest trend, no doubt about that. Just google “infographics” and see how many results you get if you do not believe me. People love them because infographics are easy to share and help us visualize the important elements that we desire to learn. Who would read a block of text when the same information could be presented to you with a neat picture? There has been an infographic about the perfect drinks, golf, nacho cheese and just about everything else. There’s even an infographic about infographics.

Here are some social media infographics that stand out from the rest and should educate you.

1. Location based social media

An interesting infographic by Visible which points out that men are twice as likely to check-in or share their location than women. This infographic gives you insight into location based marketing and social media. How will you use this information is entirely up to you!

infographic location based social media 9 Social Media Infographics You Must See

2. Social media tools

Great infographic by KISSmetrics which rounds up the main aspects to consider when purchasing a social media monitoring tool. How much do people actually pay for them and what are the best tools out there? Did you know that over 2/3 of SMM tool purchasers aren’t exactly happy with their choice? Maybe this infographic will help you in the decision-making process.

social media monitoring tools infographic 9 Social Media Infographics You Must See

3. Small businesses and social media use

A very informative infographic by Mashable that I discovered in March that I believe hasn’t decayed in time. The infographic gives insight into how small businesses leverage social media and which social media platforms they’re using.

small business social media infographic 9 Social Media Infographics You Must See

4. The science of social timing

What is the best day to share a post? When is the best time to do so? This infographic by KISSmetrics will certainly enlighten you about the timing aspect in social media.

the science of social timing infographic 9 Social Media Infographics You Must See

5. Social media analytics

A guide by e-interactive to help you measure social media analytics. Stop running around like a headless chicken and start measuring your analytics! Don’t be mistaken, social media analytics go much beyond just “likes” and “followers”.

social media analytics infographic 9 Social Media Infographics You Must See

6. The ROI of social media

The return on investment of social media by MDGadvertising. This infographic also tells you what are the social media channels with the highest ROI figures according to marketers who actually measure their ROI.

the roi of social media infographic 9 Social Media Infographics You Must See

7. 60 seconds of social sharing

What happens in the world of social media in 60 seconds? How many tweets are processed? How many photos are uploaded to Flickr and Facebook? How many check-ins are made through Foursquare in one minute? The following infographic by gopopcorn visualizes how much content is shared in 60 seconds.

60 seconds social sharing infographic 9 Social Media Infographics You Must See

8. Simple way to create a social media strategy

Robert Caruso has simplified the creation process of an effective social media strategy. This is a really educating infographic and the steps are accurate albeit simple. Even in 2011, I meet a lot of businesses who do not have a social media strategy. For a more detailed guide, see our post about how to create your social media strategy.

simple social media strategy infographic 9 Social Media Infographics You Must See

9. The Social Marketing Roadmap

Created by Awareness Inc and rich with a lot of great advice from social media experts such as David Meerman Scott, Jason Falls, Jonas Nielsen, etc.

social marketing roadmap 9 Social Media Infographics You Must See

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