Puppies, birdies, kitties, oh my!

What a pleasure it has been working with DVM and owner of Animal Medical Associates,  Sandra Mitchell. AMA came to Greatson Media needing a new, custom, non template website. Something they could be proud of.  Being an animal lover as well as project manager I was very excited to take this on!

The result: a website Animal Medical Associates is proud of. Clean, up to date, informative, easy to navigate and hey, lots of great pictures of our furry friends! BTW…AMA is the only Avian vet in Saco as well as an AAHA certified hospital. Just the kind of place you want to take your best friend for a guaranteed visit with a knowledgeable vet.

Check them out: http://animalmedicalassociates.com


Animal Medical Associates Vet Hospital in Saco Maine