google-resourcesGoogle still maintains its spot as the top search engine around the world, even with the number of new ones that pop up across the Web. Millions of people use Google everyday all over the world because of the great search experience. Because it is such a trusted site, online marketers often use the many tools and resources offered by Google.

Small businesses can greatly benefit from the options that are made available from Google. There are plenty of cheap and even free resources that you can utilize in order to improve your marketing strategy for your business.

Market Research

Think Insights

Think Insights allows you to access studies about how different demographics use the Internet. This will help you get a better idea of what online campaigns will work best for your brand and also inspire you with a gallery of creative campaigns.

Consumer Surveys

Surveys are a great tool for market research. You get very accurate data with either general or targeted surveys. The cost varies from 10 cents per response to 50 cents per response, depending on the type of survey you choose.

Global Market Finder

If you want a simple tool to help you determine your potential customers, this is it. You only have to enter a keyword that relates to your business and select the region you are looking to promote your services or products. The tool will take that information and give you the best opportunities for that region.

Tagging and Analytics

Tag Manager

If you are marketing online, your business will definitely benefit from Tag Manager. This tool allows you to manage your tracking tags from one spot without having to mess with code on the back end.

Universal Analytics

This is a step up from Google Analytics and is said to change the way you think about marketing analytics. It brings new flexibility and functionality to reporting. You can include both online and offline data and track through multiple channels.

Search History


Marketers often overlook this resource, which can be used to find valuable historical search information. This gives you insight into how your target audience conducts searches. You can even get a seasonal breakdown of keywords throughout the year.


You can use this resource to look at past and present trends for specific countries. This can be a good way to gain inspiration for content from different angles.

There are many marketing tools available for you to use for your business. They can help you expand your business and conduct valuable research that will help you develop a solid strategy.

Google is one of the best resources that you can turn to when you need a helpful marketing tool. Try them out and see how much easier it is to grow your brand online.

What is your favorite marketing tool or resource offered by Google?