How to Leverage Google+ for Your Local Business

Nowadays, every “Mom & Pop” Storefront at times struggles in their marketing schemes just to make an impression and achieve their goals. If you do not want all your marketing efforts to go to waste, things must be done to let your prospect consumers find you. For you to be found and reached, one thing that you should do is get indexed online.

The Internet has been a useful tool not only to the online users, but to businesses as well. In fact, people use the Internet to search for items and even location of shops and businesses. With this, it cannot be denied that the value of the internet is high.

Thinking about getting indexed, the first thing that might cross your mind is the cost. The worry is just pretty normal especially when you only own a small to medium-size business. To straighten out the fact, it will depend on what means you utilized. For instance, paid listings will cost you an arm and leg while through SEO, it may come cheaper or free of charge if you know its “ins” and “outs”. In case you are looking for free methods of getting indexed, read further.

Totally Free: Google+ Business and Google+ Local

There is no doubt that Google is a constantly growing search engine. As a matter of fact, it also launched a social platform known as ‘Google+’ that functions similarly to Facebook and other social media known today. However, its function has gone beyond networking. In fact, it helped businesses be found across Google through Google+ Places, Google+ Business and Google+ Local. In other words, these platforms help your business increase its visibility and render correct information to the online users.

Google+ Business

The Google+ Business functions similar to that of Facebook pages. It allows companies to have their own profile. This eventually enable them to share updates about their business, brands, videos, and many more. In this platform, customers gets updated to the whereabouts of the company.

Google+ Places

When you want your business to be displayed on Google’s search results and Google Maps you will need the Google+ Places. For you to be found, you will need to key in pertinent information about your company such as the location, contact information, and business description. You can change these information anytime on your dashboard.

Google+ Local

Google+ Local is the combination of the two platforms— Google+ Places and Google+ Business. In this platform, it becomes more inclined to the social aspect of search. Just like Google+ Places, individual users who have you in their circles can view your location and other pertinent information. More importantly, users can view your shared updates such as photos, videos, comments and reviews by virtue of the social feature of Google+ Business.

Google made it Easier

To wrap up all the thoughts, Google has found a new means to aid every businesses in their endeavor. It is through Google+ that these companies can make not just mere business connection, but social connection as well. More importantly, any of these means is offered for free by Google to meet the intentions of both parties.


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