Social media is great, isn’t it? And scheduling social posts is so much better, especially when you’re insanely busy.

You can schedule all of your Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn posts with various tools, but what about the latest social channels for business: Pinterest and Instagram? You’ve looked and looked and just can’t find any tools to help you, right?

Well, have no fear. I have found some great tools just for you to help you schedule all of your Pinterest and Instagram posts, giving you an awesome edge over your competition.

Just Why Are Instagram and Pinterest Accounts Necessary?

Instagram and Pinterest provide businesses with unique approaches to social media. Text-based posts on Facebook and Twitter are great, but they get even more traction with photos, right?

Apply that to Instagram and Pinterest. You are looking for more engagement, and a great way to do that is provide people with excellent imagery.

Pinterest has long been on the rise for businesses and, while Instagram might not be something you want to consider, Pinterest should be. Pinterest gives you the ability to share more than just product information with your clients, giving you the chance to create multiple boards and pins.

You can do DIY things, share images from your blog, and even pin things from top industry leaders.

In addition, images give you the chance to share something great with your clients. While you might share more industry related things on Pinterest, Instagram also gives you the opportunity to share “behind-the-scenes” images.

Both platforms help you create a deeper relationship with clients, which can immensely help your business.

“But I Don’t Have Time to Post Each and Every Day”

Is your problem with Pinterest and/or Instagram the fact that you can’t post to them each and every day? Well don’t worry; you aren’t the only one who feels that way.

It can be stressful managing your Pinterest and Instagram accounts along with regular posting and the common question is, “Can I schedule pins and photos?” You see Hootsuite for your other social channels, but no Pinterest scheduling – what do you do?

There are some great apps that you can use, and I am going to look at a few to help you get pointed in the right direction.

6 Awesome Scheduling Tools to Help With Pinterest and Instagram

Ann Smarty of Internet Marketing Ninjas and Elise Moreau of both give great tools that can help with both Instagram and Pinterest. Here are a few to get you started and help you on the way to scheduling greatness.

1. Latergram Schedules Instagram Posts for You. Latergram isn’t just a hashtag for Instagram anymore – it has turned into a scheduling tool. You can start out for free with this great tool and upgrade once you see just how it will work for you and your business.

2. Buffer Provides You With Pinterest Scheduling. Buffer knows that Pinterest is on the rise with more than 70 million users and they want to help you reach those users. You can use their social media scheduling tool for all of your channels, including Pinterest helping you send out your pins at the best times for you.

This tool isn’t free to use, but you do get a seven-day free trial to make sure it is something you want. Once you upgrade, you can begin scheduling your pins and getting amazing analytics to help improve your social strategy.

3. OnlyPult Can Also Help With Instagram. The social media tool formerly known as Instapult can help you schedule your Instagram photos. The cost starts at $12 (at the time this post was written), but, again, any tool that can help you schedule posts for this great channel is definitely something you should check out.

4. ScheduGram Makes it Easier to Post to Instagram. Yet another great Instagram scheduling tool is ScheduGram, which starts at $20 a month. It not only helps you with scheduling your posts, but can also help you edit your Instagram content for epic photo quality, as well as allowing for a bulk upload.

This can be immensely helpful around the holidays if you have a lot of posts you want to schedule before you leave for vacation.

5. ViralWoot is a Pinterest Scheduling Helper. This is a great, free tool that you can use for your social media needs. There is a bit of a limit to how many Pinterest pins you can schedule each month, but you can always pay for different packages if ViralWoot works for you.

Give it a try and schedule a few Pinterest posts to see how it works for you and if it is something you want to add to your marketing budget. When you finally get into a posting groove, you will be able to see just how helpful this tool will be for you and your scheduling needs.

6. If You Use a Mac, There is an App for Pinterest Scheduling. This particular app is only available for Mac users, but can be great when it comes to scheduling your pins. It’s called Pin Schedule and costs $2.99 in the app store.

The good thing about this scheduling tool is that you have the full range of editing capability to fill in the description, URL, which board it should go to, and more.

Start Your Scheduling, Now!

You no longer have to run urgently to your computer to post your Instagram and Pinterest updates. Simply choose a few of these tools, give them a shot, and you can rest easy knowing every single social media post is going to be published on time, each and every day.

Do you know what that means? That means more time to sit back and enjoy your coffee before your crazy work day begins.