“We have plenty of business and have come this far without one. What’s the point of having one?”

This is a question we have answered throughout our 17 years in building websites for businesses. The answer is now more important than ever as 59% of the global population use the internet and engage more online. Here’s why;

  • A professional website provides credibility for your business
  • A business with a website is easily accessible to customers & encourages them to contact you
  • Your business website benefits from Google and other search engines
  • Your services and products are showcased in the best possible way
  • A website makes your brand more visible building trust with customers
  • You can integrate your website with Google Maps and be found easily
  • A website is a very important part of online marketing
  • A website for your business establishes your place in the industry and locality
  • Businesses with website enjoy more success over the long term
  • Your competitors have a website


“We have a Facebook page, that should be enough.”

The facts:

84% of today’s consumers think a website makes your business more credible than companies who only have social media profiles.

That’s a bit harsh? Or is it. Do you search for a business using Google or Facebook? Have you ever tried using Facebook to find a business and become frustrated or confused by the results? Endless pages. In no particular order, of poorly managed, sometimes never updated business pages. In 2020, Businesses struggle more than ever to gain visibility on Facebook because they keep changing their algorithms. While social media can help your business grow, it’s should be viewed as an accessory to your business website.