How to Optimize Your Content for Social and Search


When you head to a social channel and follow some of the top posters and profiles, you will see some great personal interaction. Each post reads like someone talking to their reader and helps create relationships with followers. This is an excellent way to reach out to your audience, but writing in a personal voice might be difficult for you, especially if you aren’t used to writing for social media.

Just how can you incorporate a personal voice on social media? This post is going to take a look, giving you excellent tips you can apply to your social media campaign immediately.

14 Tips on Putting Your Personal Voice Out There on Social Media

Being personal on social media is a great idea to help promote engagement with your audience. However, you are probably wondering just how you can add your personal voice on social media and how it can help. Let’s take a look at some great ways you can create a great social media campaign and presence.

  1. Use Personal Pronouns in Your Social Media Posts. When you are writing for your social media content, it seems like it might be more professional to write in third-person. However, adding a first or second person viewpoint could be quite helpful. As you write up your content, utilize personal pronouns like “I, you, we” and others to help create a personal connection with your social media posts and followers.
  1. Use Related Industry Leaders as Great Content Sources. You can easily add a personal sound to your social media content by sharing information from related industry leaders, instead of staying one-sided and sharing content that is only from your industry. The more you share from related industries, the higher your chances of creating connections within that related industry.
  1. Use Creative, Free Sites Like Canva for Social Media Images. Images can add a great personal touch to any social media campaign, and an excellent tool to use is Canva. It helps you create incredible images that are trendy and appealing to the eye. The great thing about Canva is that it is free and it is easy enough that anyone can use it. Try it out and create some excellent images that can create a personal connection with followers and readers.

  1. Share Trendy Things That Don’t Particularly Match Your Industry. As I said earlier, sharing content from related industry leaders is an excellent idea to add more personality to your social media content. In addition, sharing trendy items that don’t necessarily relate to your industry can be a great idea. This can mean doing something related to Game of Thrones or the latest meme that has gone viral. It might not match your industry, but tweeting about the latest, trendiest things can help make it look like you have an actual person running your social channels, which is great to promote engagement.
  1. Make Sure You Post What Your Audience Wants to See. Your social content could have personal pronouns and trendy items, but if you are posting things your audience doesn’t want to see, you’ll lose that personal touch. People want to follow a social channel that provides them with what they want to see, and you need to make sure you know what that is before investing in, and beginning, a content campaign. A great way to make sure you are sharing and posting content your audience wants to see is to run polls and ask them questions, and by following them on social media. You can also use social media to learn more about them, helping you create a way to learn what your audience wants.
  1. Click-Bait Headlines Don’t Help Generate a Personal Tone. Click-bait headlines used to be a great way to garner clicks. However, they are incredibly impersonal and can chase away your readers and followers. As Jordan Kasteler from Marketing Land says, avoid click-bait sounding headlines and create great, engaging, and personal headlines to connect with readers and get legitimate clicks.
  1. Respond to and Thank Your Clients. When your clients or followers comment on your social media posts, always be sure to respond to them. If they say something awesome about your service, thank them and if they ask a question or say something funny, answer back. This shows that you are willing to engage with clients who take the time to talk with you. It also adds a personal voice because it shows that you aren’t just scheduling posts and ignoring your channels.
  1. Did Someone Share Your Article? Re-Tweet It. A great thing about Twitter is that you can usually tell when someone shares your articles or blogs because they mention you. When this happens, re-tweet it. This isn’t really to help you get more clicks on the article, but that can happen. What it does is help you show your followers that there are others sharing your articles, and this can encourage them to share. It also encourages the sharer to keep sharing your articles. 
  1. Ask Open-Ended and Direct Questions to Generate Engagement. Getting people to dialog with you, creating a personal feel on social media, can be difficult for some, especially if you only post about your content. However, if you take the chance to ask your followers open-ended and direct questions, you will encourage them to answer and open a dialog with you. When they answer, always follow point seven and answer back. This can help create great personal engagement with your clients, adding the personal voice you so want for your social channels. 
  1. Don’t Hesitate to Ask Your Clients to Share Your Content. Another great way to put a personal voice on your social media posts is to ask your audience to share your content. You don’t have to voice it in a question but cheer people on by saying, “Share this” or saying something similar to your audience. Just keep it happy and upbeat and people will likely share when you ask. Once you start getting more people sharing your content, even more will jump on board and share. This is a great feeling when it happens, trust me.
  1. Share a Few “Real Life” Images Occasionally. Being personal doesn’t just mean writing and being creative; it also means sharing “real life” images. This can be behind-the-scene images from your company or workflow, sharing pictures of your coffee or tea, or posting images from any event you may hold. You can share images for events that were only for your employees, as well as images of any events that incorporated your client base. You can even use those images to encourage more involvement with other clients during future client events.
  1. Go to a Convention and Live Update About It. Is there a convention that your company can attend? Then go to it and live update about it, especially for popular conventions within your industry. Let your clients and audience feel like they are involved with you at the convention even if they cannot attend. This will help them feel like they are part of something major and that can be a huge encouragement to your audience, especially when it comes to engaging with you.
  1. Share a Joke or Two. Humor is a great addition to any content campaign, especially when you are using social media. It can add a fun, personal touch to your posts and help people laugh. When people laugh, they will be more likely to share your content, and this can help you branch out to more people and broaden your audience and client base. You can do fun, cheesy jokes, create a long one that takes a few weeks to complete, or joke about something currently trending. Always be sure you handle humor professionally and avoid being mean or offensive. If you focus on being funny in a positive way, people will respect you and choose you over other negative jokesters online.
  1. Use Popular, Normal Language When Posting. Using older or overly professional sounding language can make your social channels come across as stilted and boring. If you use typical, popular language when posting, you will create a trendy, easy-to-relate to post that has a higher chance of being shared, re-tweeted, and engaged with. Just be fun and casual with your social media posts and you will find it easy to write in the typical voice and verbiage of today.

Add a Personal Touch and Engage More With Your Followers

Following these tips can help you create a great, personal sounding social media campaign, helping bring about more engagement. If you have trouble with any of these, you can always hire a social media manager who can follow each and every suggestion. Express Writers has a great team of social media managers that always write with a great, personal tone that can help set up relationships and engagement with your clients. Take a look at our social media services to see what we can do for you and your social media campaign!

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