Facebook Fan Page How to AdviceAs the internet and Social Media evolve one thing is clear – Facebook is king. Fast approaching 1,000,000,000 members (yes that’s ONE BILLION), Facebook is the site where everybody is spending time online!

“Every successful business depends on people – Facebook is where they are spending their time online. Either you will use Facebook and succeed or you will not embrace Facebook and fail.”- Sean Malarkey

When you start your marketing, the first thing to do is to open a business page. Make sure that all information you put on your page is genuine and not defamatory. This will make potential customers trust you.

Now, let’s see what are the 8 easy and simple ways to boost your Facebook likes.

1. Tell Your Friends to Like You!

Make sure you let your Facebook followers know that your business needs more likes, and that you would appreciate it if they visited your business page. It’s an easy way to get started and build an initial following.

2. Interact With Your Customers

This is probably the biggest way to generate likes. It may sound obvious, but when people “like” your business, they genuinely like your business, and like you as well. If they know that the people behind the business are receptive to their wants and needs, customers will like you. Regularly responding to comments on your wall not only will help you gain more likes, but will help you have a better understanding of what your customers’ needs are.

3. Use the Like button

The first thing that you can do is use the Facebook “like” button on your blog site. It is very efficient and easy to install as well. I recommend the WP FB Like plugin if you are using WordPress for your blog site.

4. Adding a Facebook Fan Box to Your Website

This is an extremely effective tool. The fan box should be prominently displayed on your site. If someone visits your website and notices that you are on Facebook, the chances of them clicking on your fan box and checking you out are very good. Many people stay logged into Facebook by default so it is a simple point and click that will land them on your fan page. If you don’t have a fan box, get one up as soon as possible.

5. Invite Your Friends With Text Messaging

You can send a text message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the words fan yourusername or like yourusername and they will be added to your fan page. This is a great way to add fans when you are hosting a webinar or giving a presentation to a live audience.

6. ASK Questions

Interact with your Facebook fans by asking questions, conducting polls, allowing them to tag photos and have some fun. Ask their opinions about the latest gadgets or what they expect from your blog. This is a great way to “LISTEN” to your followers; you will find out what they think, what they are looking for, and what they need. Then you can respond accordingly.

7. Status Tagging

Status tagging is a great way to recognize someone and to network value. You can share valuable content and provide added publicity for the originator of the material by using the status tagging feature.

Your fans can then check them out and see other valuable content they may provide. The return on this is that your fan page will also gain some visibility from the status tagging. You can tag both a person or a page by typing the @ sign and then the name of the person or page that you wish to tag. A pop-up box will appear with suggestions as you begin to type. You can choose the right one without having to continue typing the full name.

8. Use the Power of Contests

Contests are BIG and everybody loves them! I suggest checking out WildFireApp. There are some rules and regulations on contests via Facebook so make sure you check out the rules before you get started. You can find the rules here.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing that the number of likes on your Facebook business page has grown. So what are you waitíng for? Go and build a strategy to boost your likes and watch your business flourish!

By Istrati Florentina (c) 2012