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Finding a great site to host your content doesn’t have to be a daunting, overwhelming journey. There are several hosting sites out there, but there is one that stands out from the rest – WordPress. It is one of the top sites to use for your content, and I want to show you why you should only use it when it comes to sharing content. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why you need to make the switch to WordPress and have an impactful content marketing campaign. 

First Off, How Many People Use WordPress for Blogging?

WordPress is a great channel for content, and you’ve probably heard people talking about how important it is for your content. But is it really that important? Do a lot of people actually use it? The answer to both is, yes! In fact, Amy Gesenheus from Marketing Land states that reports are showing 78.8 percent of site owners are using WordPress for their content. That’s a lot of site owners. These individuals know just how important it is, and it is time for you to make the switch if you aren’t already using WordPress.

8 Awesome Reasons to Make the Switch and Only Use WordPress for Content

There are a lot of people who use WordPress, but the question is why? Let’s take a look at the top reasons why you should make the switch and only use WordPress for your content.

  1. WordPress is Amazingly SEO Friendly. One of the top reasons you should use WordPress is because it is amazingly SEO friendly. You can utilize SEO with some of the top SEO WordPress plugins to help optimize your site and get great rankings on Google and other search engines. You will be able to utilize your keywords to optimize your blog posts, web content, and your images.
  1. There are a Number of Plugins You Can Use on WordPress. As I mentioned above, there are some excellent SEO plugins on WordPress, but that isn’t the only type of plugin available. There are multiple plugins that range from helping you with SEO to providing a streamlined social media experience and more. This can help you have a great website that makes it easier for your readers and clients to make their way around and engage with you. I will be looking at some WordPress plugins you can use at the end of this article to give you some great resources when you make the switch.

  1. WordPress is Incredibly Trustworthy. As Marketing Land showed above, 78.8 percent of site owners use WordPress, and there is a major reason why so many use it. This is because WordPress is very trustworthy and has proven its worth over the last few years. It has quickly reached a dominant position because of the help it provides users and and the trusting relationship it has developed with clients. WordPress furthers this trust by having a strong policy on keeping everything safe and secure, which can help set any website apart.
  1. It’s Free but Comes with Great Support. According to John Rampton at Entrepreneur, choosing WordPress is incredibly easy for site owners because it is free, which is always a bonus when it comes to setting up a website. WordPress makes sure that anyone who wants to use their website will be able to, and the support is incredible. This is something many people worry will be lacking when they use a free service, but WordPress makes sure that everything is easy and straightforward. This helps to set this hosting site up as trustworthy and convinces many site owners to use it to host their content.
  1. You Can Customize and Use Excellent Themes for Your Content. One thing that keeps many people from choosing other content hosting sites is customization problems, requiring site owners to hire web designers and spend money. WordPress, however, allows you to customize your website easily, making it look fresh consistently. You can always hire graphic designers to help, but when it comes to making any changes, it is something you can easily do yourself using the theme and customization options.
  1. You Can Integrate Your Social Media Channels and WordPress. Social media is an integral part of any content marketing campaign, and the creators at WordPress know this. They make it easy for you to incorporate social media channels into your WordPress website, helping to connect the two and make it easy for readers to find your social channels. There are multiple social media WordPress plugins you can utilize; just look at a few to see which ones will work for you.
  2. WordPress is Already Mobile Friendly. Another excellent reason why you should make the switch to WordPress is because it is already mobile friendly, and having a mobile friendly site is absolutely vital now. You won’t need to worry about making your site mobile friendly and be afraid of making mistakes. By using WordPress, you can have a site that is ready for mobile users, helping you convert people from social media into leads quickly.
  1. You Can Schedule Your Posts Easily. When you have a lot going on, you don’t want to post all of your content manually, especially if you have several pieces already written. WordPress provides you with the ability to schedule out your posts, helping you set up a consistent schedule for your site. This is great if you are incredibly busy, but is also great when holidays approach and you know you will not be able to post anything. This can be an amazing timesaver for you and your company.

Four of the Best Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

As you can see, there are many excellent reasons why you should use WordPress. You have access to multiple features, including excellent plugins that help your site generate more traffic. Below are a few great suggestions from the editors at WP Beginner for different WordPress plugins that you can use for your website as soon as you make the switch.

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast. This is one of the top rated SEO plugins and is always listed as one that you should try for your WordPress content. Using the Yoast plugin will help you with overall website optimization and help you to create impactful content that reaches a wider audience. You can even use it to track analytics, helping you narrow down your SEO strategy.
  1. W3 Total Cache. You know that it is important to make sure your website loads quickly to help keep visitors on your site. Using this plugin ensures your website speed stays up, making load time quicker and unburdened by anything. If you want to use this excellent WordPress plugin, then head over to WP Beginner’s guide for help in setting it up.
  1. Floating Social Bar. This is a great plugin to use if you would like to connect your social media to WordPress but have less bulk on your site. It is very simplistic and minimalistic, which can help make your website look less cluttered. It will help keep your website speed up, instead of dragging it down, making user experience suffer. You can choose the social channels you want to share, and optimize your WordPress site perfectly with social media buttons.
  1. Disqus for Comments. Do you want a good comment moderation and monitoring system? Then try Disqus, which is a comment plugin that many WordPress sites use. Disqus is a great way to track your comments, receive notifications about new comments, and more. You can always use the comment system that comes with WordPress, but this plugin will help keep your website page speed up and help you monitor spam comments before they make it to your website.

Are You Ready to Make the Switch?

You’ve read about the top reasons to make the switch, plus some excellent plugins you can start using immediately. After reading the above, are you ready to make the switch? I sure hope so! If you are looking for excellent content to be shared on your new WordPress site, then look no further than Express Writers. Our team has excellent training in creating top quality web content and blogs, as well as posting and scheduling to your WordPress site. Take a look at our services to see how we can help you, and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.


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